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Know more about the Teppanyaki grills

The Teppanyaki is a specialty of Japanese cuisine in which the dishes are prepared on Hibach grills and where the chefs perform an authentic juggling show with the food they will use for cooking. The large stainless steel surface of TeppanYaki allows you to cook vegetables, meat and fish without using any container. It incorporates a ceramic glass cover to cover it and two steel spatulas.


Also now, like the barbecue grill, it replaces its control with a TouchControl system, achieving a better coordinated design with that of the plates and making it even easier to use. The new teppanyaki grills to make your own teppanyaki has a "clean" position that keeps the steel surface at the right temperature to make it much easier to clean. Just take a few cubes of ice to take off all the remains of the surface. Then we remove the liquid with the help of the spatula.


For cleaning, you can use neutral detergent for crockery and a kitchen towel. Depending on the amount of food you want to cook, you can use the entire surface of the TeppanYaki or just the front area. If we are not going to serve the food at the moment, we can leave them in the TeppanYaki with the teppanyaki grills activated and keep them warm to serve them at their point.


If you want to enjoy a good TeppanYaki take note of our most current models. the teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisine, on a steel plate. The plancha is the kitchen utensil and teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisine. There are many formats of plate, a more expensive version that is embedded in the countertop, is very easy to clean and convenient to use. In addition there are other irons, which can be plugged in or placed on top of a plate. So, why to wait for more, just start reading the online portal containing the information on Teppanyaki.

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