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How to download whatsapp status video?

Did you like the video or photo that your friend or friend shared in your WhatsApp States ? Although the rapid messaging application only allows you to see these contents for about 24 hours, now you can see more time downloading them. As you know, one of the simplest way to whatsapp status video download of your friends and family in the gallery of your smartphone is to take a screenshot. However, this method is somewhat uncomfortable, since at the time of performing this action, in the obtained image you will find extra information from the interface of the WhatsApp status.


Whether you like the new WhatsApp staus or not, you will be interested to know, sure, how to have them downloaded safely in our mobile phone. And it's much simpler than you think. You will not need any third-party application, with the risk of installing viruses on your device. Just follow these simple steps to download videos and photos of the WhatsApp status. Actually, the videos and photos of the states are saved, as usual, in the folder of the corresponding gallery.


To see the photos and videos of your states, you just have to go to the gallery application and move between your folders. The photography states are stored in the "WhatsApp Images" folder and the videos in the "WhatsApp Videos" folder. The folder that contains WhatsApp videos is called WhatsApp Video and it is quite easy to locate. Within it we find both the videos that we send to any contact and what we receive in our chat rooms.


As we already mentioned, the WhatsApp Video folder is the one that occupies most of all the content generated by WhatsApp, so if you ever need to delete and move to your computer to free space on your terminal, starting with that folder is a good start. So you know where the WhatsApp videos are stored , a route that can be very useful for you at any time. Remember that to access this folder you can use a file browser on your mobile or connect to the phone via PC to access it.

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